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‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ actor, an accused Capitol rioter, claimed ‘divine’ authority in court hearing

A court hearing for a January 6 litigant immediately turned quarrelsome Monday after an entertainer and Oath Keeper attempted to dismiss the United States’ position over him.

James Beeks, who played Judas in the melodic “Jesus Christ Superstar” before his capture last week for his supposed support in the January 6 mob, provoked the adjudicator to consider sending him to imprison subsequent to telling the court he had “divine” authority and contending the public authority had no locale over him.

Beeks’ explosions parroted the Sovereign Citizen development – a conviction that administration organizations are false and in this way adherents don’t need to maintain them – however Beeks told Howell the term ‘Sovereign Citizen’ was an “affront” and an “paradoxical expression.”

Beeks represented himself for a large portion of the meeting after initially saying he would not go about as his own legal counselor since “I can’t address myself since I am myself.”

Preceding the meeting, the Justice Department was not mentioning that Beeks be kept in prison while anticipating preliminary. That changed, notwithstanding, after Beeks stated his “heavenly” authority.

“A litigant who dismisses the ward of the court…rejects law and order,” Howell said, “is regularly not delivered pre-preliminary,” however the appointed authority in the end delivered Beeks on GPS observing when he at long last concurred – subsequent to talking secretly with his legal advisor – to coordinate.

“I can’t eradicate from my psyche what happened before this,” Howell said prior to posting the conditions, which notwithstanding “no contact with anybody known to be an Oath Keeper.”

Beeks is the subsequent Capitol revolt litigant whose refusal to recognize the legal framework pushed judges to think about sending them to imprison, notwithstanding investigators’ eagerness to allow them to stay free while they anticipate preliminary.

Pauline Bauer, a café proprietor from Pennsylvania, was shipped off prison in September after she additionally dismissed the court’s position over her, would not comply with fundamental delivery conditions and castigated the adjudicator regulating her case.

As indicated by court records, Beeks joined a gathering of Oath Keepers on January 6 and endeavored to get through a line of cops protecting a lobby to the Senate chamber. Agents observed Beeks in the wake of going to two exhibitions of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ where Beeks was featuring as Judas.

Howell requested Beeks to answer to pretrial administrations in Florida before 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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