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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Doctor delivers a Halloween baby while dressed as ‘The Joker’

When Brittany Selph went into labor on October 31st, she had little to fear about the Halloween birth, except maybe her doctor.Original Article

5 subtle signs of kidney cancer

Did you know that you can live with only one kidney?Original Article

15 people treated after carbon monoxide buildup at church

Authorities say 15 people were hospitalized after breathing in carbon monoxide at their church in Iowa, where a gasoline-powered generator was running in the...

Can’t stop thinking unwanted thoughts? This could be why

Can't stop thinking about that time you cried in front of a girl during a Tim Burton movie on your first and only date?Original...

6 shocking things you need to know about the BRCA test

These are must-know facts for every woman concerned about breast cancer.Original Article

Family sees hope in gene therapy for son diagnosed with fatal neurodegenerative disease

An Arizona family has relocated to Texas in hopes of saving their 5-year-old son Joseph, who was diagnosed with a rare and fatal neurodegenerative...

5-year-old ‘marries’ love of her life ahead of open-heart surgery

A little girl who was born with a life-threatening heart condition saw a big wish come true recently, when she was able to “marry”...

Millions either malnourished or obese in global nutrition crisis

Almost every country in the world now has serious nutrition problems, either due to over-eating leading to obesity or a lack of food leading...


Atlanta hospital opens mobile ER to handle flu cases

As the flu epidemic overwhelms Georgia, one Atlanta hospital has set up a mobile unit to handle flu patients.Original Article
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