WHEREVER Donald Trump goes, protests follow. In Davos this week anti-capitalists marched through Swiss cities to protest the president’s visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos. In America the previous week women protested against the president in a series of nationwide marches that marked the end of his first year in office. The women’s marches, in more than 250 cities, appear to be part of a new era of female political activism in America; a record number of women are running for office in mid-term elections in 2018.

Research suggests that protest movements can have a significant impact on elections. Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute and colleagues made a striking discovery when they studied the effect of rallies held by the Tea Party movement on April 15th 2009 against high taxes and government spending. The researchers found that in places where it rained that day, rallies were half the size of places where it stayed dry. They used this randomly caused variation in attendance to estimate the impact of rally…Continue reading