OF ALL Donald Trump’s policy contortions none is more dramatic—some would say incredible—than his position on abortion. In 1999 he described himself as “very pro-choice.” During his presidential campaign, after some ambiguous statements about what he believed, Mr Trump published a written statement declaring that he was “pro-life with some exceptions”. By the time he became president his transformation into ardent pro-lifer seemed complete. This week, he designated January 22nd, the anniversary of Roe v Wade, “National Sanctity of Life Day” and declared that “the fight to protect life is not yet over”.

Last week, Mr Trump became the first president to address the anti-abortion protestors who have gathered annually in the capital ever since Roe was settled 45 years ago. Speaking via video link from the Rose Garden (Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush had merely phoned in) he told the mostly crowd, many of them nuns, priests, and busloads of students from Christian schools, that thanks to them, “tens of…Continue reading