BETSY HODGES worked hard as she tried to get re-elected as mayor of Minneapolis, writing an editorial in the Star Tribune, the main local paper, in which she defended her tenure. The crowded race, which saw an unusually high voter turnout, was tight, but by the early afternoon of November 8th it was clear that 36-year-old Jacob Frey, a relative newcomer running for the Democratic–Farmer–Labour Party (DFL), the local version of the Democrats, had defeated Ms Hodges. Mr Frey is the city’s second-youngest and second Jewish mayor.

Public safety was the central topic in the mayoral elections in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s biggest city, and in adjoining St Paul, the state’s second-biggest city and its capital. On November 7th St Paul elected its first black mayor, Melvin Carter (also DFL). In recent years both cities have seen an uptick in crime and a widening of the income gap. Ms Hodges was vulnerable because of a controversy surrounding her response to two police shootings. Mr Carter, who campaigned on promises of…Continue reading